8th International Summer School on
Training And Research On Testing

Besançon/Métabief, France
July 2 - 6, 2012


The summer school will be held in Metabief (France) at the Azureva center. This picturesque village is a famous ski station of the region, situated in the Jura Mountains, worldwide known for its wine and cheese traditions, emblematic of the French culture. It is ideally located, close to the Switzerland border, benefiting from train stations of Frasne Vallorbe (in Switzerland - 10 km) or (in France - 30 km), connecting to Geneva or Paris airports.


The Azureva center is a large holiday complex, composed of guest rooms and small apartments. It presents a seminar room in which the lectures will take place, a large restaurant, and various relaxing activities for the participants such as: a bar, a lounge, a sauna, a swimming-pool (end of construction expected in June), a tennis court, etc.

The Azureva center is located:
15 rue de la Ranconniere
25370 Metabief, FRANCE
GPS coordinates: N 46° 46' 01" - E 6° 20' 48"

The Azureva Center Accommodations Restaurant

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Reaching Metabief

The Azureva center has a shuttle service that will be used to bring the participants from the surrounding train stations (Frasne in France -25 km- or preferably Vallorbe -10 km- in Switzerland) to their accommodation.

By plane

Two airports provide an easy connection to one of the two above-mentioned train stations.

By train

The Vallorbe and Frasne train stations are on a direct line between Paris (France) and Lausanne (Switzerland). In addition, the Vallorbe train station can be easily reached from the Geneva Airport, via a short connection in Renens (Switzerland).

Update May 31
Direct connections are now possible from Paris (Gare de Lyon) to Vallorbe (Switzerland).

From Paris (Gare de Lyon) to Vallorbe

On Sunday July 1st:
11:57 → 15:06 (3:09)
13:57 → 17:12 (3:15)
15:57 → 19:09 (3:12)
17:57 → 21:09 (3:12)
From Monday 2nd:
07:57 → 11:06 (3:09)
11:57 → 15:06 (3:09)
15:57 → 19:09 (3:12)
17:57 → 21:09 (3:12)

From Vallorbe to Paris (Gare de Lyon)

From Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 5th:
07:01 → 10:11 (3:10)
09:01 → 12:18 (3:17)
19:10 → 22:21 (3:11)
On Friday 6th:
07:01 → 10:11 (3:10)
09:01 → 12:18 (3:17)
17:01 → 19:21 (3:20)
19:10 → 22:21 (3:11)

Train tickets in France can be bought using the SNCF website.

Visit The Deutsche Bahn website to find the timetables and compute the best itinerary from anywhere in Europe.

Visa and invitation letters

If you need a visa to visit France and if you plan to travel via Switzerland, make sure that your visa allows you the entrance in Switzerland.

Please contact the organisers if you need an invitation letter.

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